Simple Pricing

SEMBA Enterprise 1  package

Our most popular b2b eCommerce package.

SEMBA b2b eCommerce platform.  Low monthly fee
…b2b eCommerce features.
…ERP Connector included.
…SEMBA platform support and SLA.
…250 MAU and 500G storage
…includes the SEMBA Mobile App for your Sales Team

Your eCommerce website
…mobile friendly
…a one time fixed price

Your eCommerce mobile phone app
…Android and IPhone both included for the same price.
…a one time fixed price


Why not list the price right here…

Our goal was to deliver a real SaaSolution. Not another big never ending project. Not another platform that needs hours of expensive consulting.

We cost less than a web design project. (web vendors and agencies)

We cost less than an ERP project.  (ERP consultants)

We cost less than a Magento Enterprise project.  (just google “cost to build a Magento eCommerce website”)

Our VP sales wants to list the prices right here to show the competition, but no reason to show the competition the price to beat.

So please contact, call, or e-mail because it is always good to have another option for your b2b eCommerce.

Have 1 minute….

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Why Semba

We design it.

We stand up the backend.

We upload all the products.

We host it for you.

We Do It For You

UI and UX designed from real-world customer data and conversions analytics. Our design evolves over time ensuring the best possible customer and administrator experience.

With Semba, there’s no technical challenges – we gather your information, setup the database, launch your cloud-hosted instance and configure your selected services.

During our simplified onboarding process, we gather all product information and assets necessary to publish and manage your SKUs.