Easily Extend your Mid-Market ERP to real B2B eCommerce

Business to business digital commerce is just plain different from retail.
You know your customer. You have a relationship.
They trust you to help run their business.

Along with your product/services,  it is your business workflows that are key to your relationship.

  • Account catalogs – skus and unique pricing – for specific packaging, branding, or exclusive products.

  • Faster Payment from Anywhere – Online Invoices, Auto reminders, and several online payment options.

  • Shipping an entire truck load takes more than a simple credit card USMail purchase.

  • Plus sales tools to view all customer activity, late order reminders, analytics, and other lead opportunities.

So when someone says eCommerce…..
Ask them how they handle the b2b workflows you use every day.
SEMBA is focused on B2B.


Pick the way you want to start

a) Full B2B eCommerce website with mobile web

b) Full B2B eCommerce Mobile App

c) Just Web Online Invoices & Bill Pay

d) or just the SEMBA sales team app with your ERP

Any Device b2b ecommerce web mobile web mobile app sales team mobile app

We Listened to customers just like you.

Does you sales team have this?
See new customer orders.
See customer reminders for late invoices and late orders.
Plus Analytics for product and customer profiling.

ERP only and Online orders.

SEMBA Sales Team Mobile App.

Pick your ERP.

The connector is included.

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