eCommerce as a Solution

Solutions for Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and B2B2C.

eCommerce the way you want it

 The SEMBA platform includes all the b2b features your expect.
The ERP connector is included.
You pick – ecommerce website and/or mobile phone apps.

Production Ready

Launch your eCommerce site without Custom Coding, 3rd Party Plugins or Expensive Agencies.


Access the most advanced ecommerce services including AI, marketing Automation and predictive analytics.

Enterprise Scalability

Semba offers a flexible platform that scales with your business needs.

We Do It For You

UI and UX designed from real-world customer data and conversions analytics. Our design evolves over time ensuring the best possible customer and administrator experience.

With Semba, there’s no technical challenges – we gather your information, setup the database, launch your cloud-hosted instance and configure your selected services.

During our simplified onboarding process, we gather all product information and assets necessary to publish and manage your SKUs.

Complete Mobility


Whether you’re in the office or on the road, Semba’s Platform is easily accessible
by both customers and administrators across all devices.


Web      –     Mobile Web      –     Mobile App

Add eCommerce to your ERP

Had issues in the past trying to add b2b eCommere to your ERP?
SEMBA includes the ERP connector.
It works. Just ask our customers.
SEMBA builds on your solid ERP business process.
Your parts, your orders, your invoices.

Need API level eCommerce:


     Sync. Customers

      Download Orders

     Download Payments

      Upload Invoices

     Synchronize Product and Inventory

Your ERP connector is included:

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